About Me

I am currently located in Massachusetts, USA and enjoy HO modelling, Scratchbuilding and Train Simulation games.

My Interest
I love German steamers and feel that its black body and red "feet" are a work of art. I am also keen on British and US diesels, European rolling stock and Indian Railways. I would like to incorporate all these elements some day in my layout. Until then i get my modelling fix by undertaking scratchbuilding projects and computer simulation games like Trainz 2006 and Rail Simulator.

This Site
This is my way of sharing information, tips and news from the world of real, model and virtual railways.

I try to post every other day. Random views on the home page will contain images from model or virtual railways that will be changed from time to time. Every Friday, i try to post a fun or quirky news or video about trains. The images in the header and footer were taken in the Trainz Simulator and edited.

Thanks for stopping by.


"There's something about a steam engine. It's alive and it's very animated."