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The Greenberg Train Show took place this past weekend at Wilmington, MA. The layouts were the same from the past shows. This time around though some of the better HO layouts were in a side room with horrible lighting. The low lighting did showcase the lighting in the structures and some locomotives but for taking pictures and videos, it was real challenging.

I always seem drawn to the Lego users train layout whenever they bring their layout to a show. Every inch of their layout had interesting and comical elements from today’s pop-culture. From a full blown light-saber battle in a part of the city to a marching band procession in the city center, it was all happening in the Lego layout.

MassBay Railroad Enthusiasts had a booth in this show and they were giving out free DVD’s of their past trips and details about their Steam in the Snow special coming this January.

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This Sunday I went to the Greenberg Train Show that took place at Wilmington, MA. The Greenberg shows usually do a fall/winter and a spring show every year.

The admission tickets were $7 and despite being a bitter cold day many had turned up. I was only able to spend time with a few layouts. The New England LEGO Users Group to me is not a “model railroad” but more of a toy railroad. But, i seemed to be drawn to it every time. Maybe it the scale of the buildings or perhaps the fun details in every inch of the layout, i found myself trying to take it all in.

The other layout i spent all my time in was a HO scale called Better Late that Never. They had a few modules that were detailed exceptionally and other modules were work-in-progress. I found the unfinished modules appropriate in a train show as it gives me and others a good sense of “how-to’s”. Sort of a learning tool. This layout was sponsored by My Dad’s Trains, a model railroad shop based in Wrentham, MA which is a few towns over from mine. The members meet in the basement of My Dad’s Trains every Thursday night. They currently have 4 members and were looking for more. Since i am no where near to my own layout, this will give me a good opportunity to learn and interact with other modelers.

I also came across a flyer from the Mass Bay Railroad Enthusiasts. They are organizing a “Steam in the Snow” event in North Conway, NH on January 3rd. The star would be their 0-6-0 #7470 which was built by the Grand Trunk Railroad in 1921. Lerro Productions will also be holding a night photo shoot on the 3rd and 4th of January. More information about this event is on their website.

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Here is a small clip of the show.

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The Greenberg Train Show was held on March 29 & 30, 2008 in Wilmington, MA. The layouts on display were the same as in their fall show. My favourite from last time, the European Train Enthusiasts were there. Layouts from NMRA HUB Division and Northeast NTrak were there among the others.

I visited some of the layouts that i missed last time. The Lego Users Group had a very impressive layout. Every nook and crany was filled with interesting details.

I also met Cam Sargent of Concord who was sitting at his desk, drawing his railroad art using only 3 pencils. He said it takes him, 40-50 hours to complete one drawing. Copies of his prints were for reasonably priced from 16$ to $21.

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Here is a clip from the show:

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Last weekend, i attended the Greenberg Train Show in Wilmington,MA. The layouts that interested me were the NMRA Hub Division – 32’x40′ HO scale layout, Northeast N-TRAK – 24’x33′ N scale layout.

I liked the NMRA layout. It was very detailed and you could the see hard work gone into each corner of the layout. While some visitors were asking questions about weathering and prototypical operations, others esp. little ones, were awed by the length of the trains some of the operators were running.

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If you happen to be in the Massachusetts area, the Greenburg Train show is happening this weekend at the Shriner’s Auditorium in Wilmington, MA. Check their listing for more details.


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