December 1, 2010 | Comments Off on Gas Turbine Model Train

When you have had your fill of HO or N scale modeling, get into gas-powered model trains. Hidepon Works have designed and built these cool trains.

[via Engadget]

November 30, 2010 | Comments Off on Trainz 2010 News

Trainz 2010 is going Multi-Player! From their latest newsletter

Starting with a Public Beta in January 2011, Multiplayer will let you interact with your friends and other Trainz players from all over the world.

They have also posted more screenshots from their “Engineer’s Edition”. I have all previous version of Trainz and had decided to wait for something more significant before to invest in more newer versions of Trainz. The “multi-player” aspect, which i believe is the first in a train simulator, has piqued my interest and i might be willing to upgrade this time.

November 22, 2010 | 1 Comments »

The Greenberg Train Show took place this past weekend at Wilmington, MA. The layouts were the same from the past shows. This time around though some of the better HO layouts were in a side room with horrible lighting. The low lighting did showcase the lighting in the structures and some locomotives but for taking pictures and videos, it was real challenging.

I always seem drawn to the Lego users train layout whenever they bring their layout to a show. Every inch of their layout had interesting and comical elements from today’s pop-culture. From a full blown light-saber battle in a part of the city to a marching band procession in the city center, it was all happening in the Lego layout.

MassBay Railroad Enthusiasts had a booth in this show and they were giving out free DVD’s of their past trips and details about their Steam in the Snow special coming this January.

Click on the picture for the still gallery:

November 13, 2010 | Comments Off on BBC’s Railworks Interview

BBC does a feature on Railworks 2. It includes interviews with Paul Jackson and Marketing manager Simon Sauntson and has some in-game clips.

November 10, 2010 | Comments Off on Union Pacific Steam Excursion Contest

Union Pacific is giving us a chance to route the next UP Steam Excursion through our hometowns. All you have to do is to vote for your hometown where you would want the 844 or the 3985 locomotives and it historical rail cars to come by. This contest is on till December 6th. The UP Steam Team will them decide on the routes based on the votes.

Obviously, they wont be able to bring them up here to the North-East but nonetheless this is a fun contest. So, if you do live near UP trackage, give it a try.

To get you psyched up, here’s a video of the 3985 steaming.

November 5, 2010 | Comments Off on Cab view ride from 1899

A cab view ride in 1899, from Brooklyn to Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge.


October 22, 2010 | Comments Off on Photos: 100 years of NY Subway

NY times’ historical slideshow of the NY subway from the 1917’s to the present.


October 19, 2010 | Comments Off on Railworks 2 free updates and a 50% off Sale

Railworks has been upgraded. The new upgrade (Railworks 2) is free for existing owners of previous versions. Steam will automatically download and install the update.

If you have not owned Railworks, Steam is offering a 50% off sale. For a limited time only, RailWorks 2 Train Simulator is available for just $19.99.

I did give it a run last night and i like the new changes that come with this version.
When you launch Railworks 2, you are presented with a new option screen where you can choose which route or which locomotive (arranged by Steam, Diesel and Electric) to drive. This helps you to quickly navigate and find the loco you want to drive.

Another big plus is the new RS Cab Control interface which allows simple, intuitive control via the mouse and provides driving information and alerts. This interface could be hidden so you could use the locomotive controls to drive but i found that the scrolling display in the new interface, giving advanced warning of speed limits and signals, a big help. The older version had these feedback tools in tabs and you were constantly clicking them to check the gradients and speed limits. Putting all this in one area saves us a lot of clicking and allows us to concentrate on driving. Again, this feature will appeal to newer users but expert drivers could hide this away.

For more info on these new controls check out the Quick Start Guide (PDF link)

James Woodcock interviewed the team behind Railworks who showed the newer screens and features.

October 12, 2010 | Comments Off on Documentary: Train on a Brain

Alison Murray’s 2000 documentary, Train on a Brain tracks her as she travels as a hobo on freight trains across Canada and the US.

On Vimeo: Train On The Brain

[via Boing-Boing]

October 8, 2010 | Comments Off on End of the line for US High Speed Network?

Photo: David Medcalf

Some time back it looked that finally US was joining the rest of the “civilized world” by drawing up a vision of a High Speed rail network. London to Frankfurt rail connection is currently being tested. Span is investing in its future by rapidly expanding its high speed network. China is looking to expand its railway line in Tibet to make it easier to reach Mt. Everest.

But, here the ambitious plans for the US High Speed already seem to be shaky with the outcome of the November elections. Here’s hoping that common sense will prevail but with the current crop of politicians looking towards vested interests to fill their election coffers, this is becoming an uphill battle.

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