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The Ahmerst Railway Society’s annual Train Show was held on January 26-27th in Springfield,MA. This show was huge. There were 4 buildings full of layouts and vendors. My feet hurt by the end of it, from walking all around.

There were the usual model suppliers and vendors but a few new ones caught my attention. Billboards and animated signs from Miller Engineering would be a great addition to any layout. These were very thin and run on 4.5V. You could put it on top of or against your structures.

LARC Railroad Graphics were selling backdrop photos on a CD. You just print it out and glue it. I liked this method given my lack of painting skills.

There were many layouts. If there was a prize, i would give it to the HO layout from Central New York Modellers. Most of the pictures in the gallery and the video clip are theirs. The foliage was plentiful. The structures were highly detailed and some even had interiors. They had the most DPI ie, details-per-sq. inch. You could see the hard work and time they must have devoted to their layout. I also noticed that they used a lot of tricks to create perspective. Cutouts of small structures were place strategically on distant hills for depth.

From Connecticut, Mohegan Pequot Model Railroad Club HO layout was also detailed and had clever use of foliage and clumps of grass/bushes. Their site has an instructive How TO sections that has a number of great articles.

The layout by the Pepperell Model Club was also good.

Here is a clip from the show. I used my digital camera’s movie mode. I should have used a higher resolution. Oh! well.

Click on the picture for the still gallery:

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