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For my latest project i decided to make a simple barn (HO scale). As before, the plans and textures were drawn in Model builder. The real world dimension are 27′ x 20′ x 26′ but in the HO world it would occupy an area of 3.6″ x .7″ approx.

The “paper tools” feature in the latest release of Model builder is really a time-saver as it allowed me to mask and create a Gambrel type roof easily. I left spaces for the windows so that i can add my own windows. The doors are in duplicate so that i can layer it up and create depth.

I used Paint Shop to create the faded “EAT LOCAL” sign that you see on the side. Then using the “import” feature of Modelbuilder, i added it to the side. I was really happy with this effect and will post the steps in a later post.

Sometimes while gluing the four walls, the structure does not become a perfect rectangle. I have made the roof slightly larger to allow for these imperfections.

The two plans (one for the barn and the other for the roof) in PDF format are available for you to download if you would want to build one. Please print then in highest settings and onto a good stiff paper. I prefer to use matte photo paper. I would then glue these onto a stiff cardboard for strength and then proceed from there.

I do have plans to “break” a few sidings based on these prototype photos. Hopefully, i should get some work done over this weekend. I will post the progress and/or the finished model next week.

Plan Downloads: (free to use)


  1. Ron Pare
    February 11, 2009 — 2:42 pm

    I just started using the program. It really makes modeling easier.

    I think as initial placeholders these can bring a scene to life in a matter of days.


  2. Don
    February 11, 2009 — 3:46 pm

    i like it as i dont have to worry about converting real to HO dimensions.


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