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Even though it was bitter cold and windy on Saturday, 24th, the annual Railroad Hobby Show held at Eastern States Exposition Fairgrounds was packed.

Most of the familiar and my favorite layouts were there. Central New York Modelers, Valley HO Trak railroad, European Train enthusiasts were all there with their layouts.

This time around, i decided to spend more time, looking at the various vendors at the show. Most time was spent at the Bar Mills and Scenic Express booths.

Bar Mills, had brought almost all their kits. They were placed in dioramas and was a treat to watch at the level of detail. Most pictures in the show gallery are from their kits. They had also brought along their store display models housed in a plexiglas display but it was dusty and had cobwebs. They looked good but when i saw the pictures, i could see the dust and cobweb “details”. They make basic kits that are great (less than $25) for anyone starting out building wood kits.

I knew Scenic Express made good scenic materials but looking at their dioramas made from their leaf flake foliage and Silflor details just proved that even though slightly expensive (if you want to cover a large expanse) it will breathe life to any scene.

I purchased some Bragdon weathering powders (soot, brown, light rust, dark rust). The vendor told me that you just need to brush it on using a stiff brush or toothbrush. I was not happy with my dry-brush and chalk weathering method so decided to give this a try.

Click on the picture for the show gallery:

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