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The Trainz Download Station(DLS) provides a central place for us to download trainz content created by many talented users. But sometimes, navigating and searching through the 19000 items is painful so i tend to seek out sites that let me download directly. It’s easy to bookmark and go back later if you need to.

Here are some of my freeware favorites:
If your interest is in European Railways, you can get the best content from Trainz-Kleinkram. They have a huge selection of DB passenger and frieght wagons among many others.

For US fans, RRMods offers highly detailed diesel locos.
Their almost real looking boxcars will bring your yards to life.
U.S. Locomotive Works also has great number of diesels worth drooling over. Between these two sites, you will be well stocked with great looking US content.

Spanish Rail(RENFE) fans can get excellent content from IberTrainz. Click on the “Categorías” and when you like what you see, click on the blue square IBTZ icon to download. I did see a few items that you might have to get from DLS but most have a direct link to the cdp or a rar file.

I am still looking for a British content site. Will update if i find some.

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