January 2, 2009 | Comments Off on Trainz 2009 Easter Eggs

Here are some of the Easter Eggs/Fun Codes for Trainz 2009. These codes worked in older Trainz versions but then they dropped it for Trainz 2006. Well, now they are back again. Note: These codes only work in Surveyor.

Make me a Map: Press ALT + CTRL + SHIFT + P together, ESC to stop

Smite: Press ALT + CTRL + A together, then Left-Mouse click to smite

Carz: Press ALT + CTRL + SHIFT + Z together, then Left-Mouse click on any moving car to ride. Note: When you create a new map in Surveyor, do select a region. If you leave it as Default the cars don’t appear on the road splines.

Walk: Press ALT and then the keys F L Y, use arrow keys and mouse to move around at ground level.

Here is a short clip showing the effects.

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