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The HUB Division’s Annual Train Expo took place this weekend in Marlborough, MA. There were quite a number of layouts. HO scale was quite well represented here by 6 layouts. The Bristol S Gauge were running a “Grinch Special” which had a Grinch riding a coal tender pulling hoppers and flat cars filled with Hersey’s kisses, M&M’s, candy canes. It sure attracted all the kids like bees to honey!

I went on a Saturday, Ticket prices were $7. I might be wrong but did notice that it was not very crowded. I don’t know if people are cutting back or saving for the big one next month.

I met Scotty Mason at the show. He was showing his excellent modules and selling his DVD’s. Apart from this structure that caught my eye, i noticed the almost realistic trees that he had on his module. He told me that it was Peppergrass. You get them at craft stores like Michael’s or you could buy in bulk (cheaper) from his site. His site describes the method to create realistic trees. I used to think Scenic Express made great trees but these peppergrass trees were equally great.

Though i am into HO, I enjoyed looking at the bigger scales like ON30, S and O. The N scale is getting small for me. Getting old perhaps?

Click on the picture for the show gallery:

Here is a small clip of the layouts.

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