December 3, 2008 | Comments Off on Searching in Trainz 2009

The past few days i have been spending time with the new Trainz 2009. Trying to see whats updated and whats new. I was pleasantly surprised with the new search feature.

Trainz over time gets very cluttered. Because of the tons of great freeware third-party content, you start to collect them all and when it becomes time to build your layout or use your favorite trains, it becomes a pain to look through and find them all.

The previous versions had a search option but was not very intuitive. Trainz 2009, World Builder Edition addressed that issue by revamping the search feature. You can now fine tune your search by categories, names, asset number, author id and many more. Once you get a set of objects you want to work with, you can save it and quickly get back to it every time. No more remembering what the name of the object was. I love this new feature and and currently sorting through and saving my favorite item groups. This works with Train objects, structures, tracks and even paint textures.

I have created two small tutorials showing how you can use these features. The first one shows how you can filter and save your searches. Click on picture for the tutorial:

Searching in Trainz 20009

This one shows how you “pick” or quick save you most frequently used paint textures. The older versions had a similar function but this time they made it much easier and faster to use. Click on picture for the tutorial:

Using the Pick List in Trainz 2009

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