December 1, 2008 | Comments Off on Trainz 2009 has arrived

This Thanksgiving day Auran, started to send the download version of Train 2009, World Builder Edition to all who had preordered. The file size was around 2.5 GB and the download took me around 25 minutes.

I did not want to upgrade the previous version so i uninstalled Trainz 2006 and did a fresh install of the new version. It took me about 10-15 minutes to install.

The first thing i tried was the Content Manager. I had a lot of problems with the previous version so wanted to see if they fixed it for this version. It did look good. I could connect to the Download station but then i don’t have a lot of third-party content installed so will see if the CMP holds up later. I had purchased some locos for the previous version. Wanted to see how that played in the 2009 version. Imported the 10 CDP files and commited the changes. This whole process seemed to take around 20 minutes. The commiting process was a tad bit on the longer side and i was wondering if something’s wrong here or if my PC is getting old.

So here are my thoughts on the Trainz 2009, World Builder Edition. There seem to be very few visible changes. I believe, they have overhauled the game engine to provide support for higher resolution textures, support for gloss materials and ground details. The included SD40 locomotive and one track show off these new textures and look awesome. I know that the talented Trainz community will rise up to the challenge and provide content to take advantages of the newer features but as of today there aren’t many visible changes.

Regarding content, they have included a ton of content(trains and routes) from previous versions. This is a good thing because it provides backward compatibility for the many payware content, users have already own. All my payware content is working nicely though the sound of some locomotives from SteamLocomotiveWorks has changed.

So should you go for it?
If you are new to the world of virtual trains, Trainz 2009 is a great way to design your world and run trains in it.
If you have Trainz 2004 and older versions, the new content and features might be enticing.
If you own Train 2006, you will not get a “newness” factor when you buy this. You might wait till the free third-party content, using the new features, start appearing.

Click on the picture for the screens in Trainz 2009:

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