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This Sunday I went to the Greenberg Train Show that took place at Wilmington, MA. The Greenberg shows usually do a fall/winter and a spring show every year.

The admission tickets were $7 and despite being a bitter cold day many had turned up. I was only able to spend time with a few layouts. The New England LEGO Users Group to me is not a “model railroad” but more of a toy railroad. But, i seemed to be drawn to it every time. Maybe it the scale of the buildings or perhaps the fun details in every inch of the layout, i found myself trying to take it all in.

The other layout i spent all my time in was a HO scale called Better Late that Never. They had a few modules that were detailed exceptionally and other modules were work-in-progress. I found the unfinished modules appropriate in a train show as it gives me and others a good sense of “how-to’s”. Sort of a learning tool. This layout was sponsored by My Dad’s Trains, a model railroad shop based in Wrentham, MA which is a few towns over from mine. The members meet in the basement of My Dad’s Trains every Thursday night. They currently have 4 members and were looking for more. Since i am no where near to my own layout, this will give me a good opportunity to learn and interact with other modelers.

I also came across a flyer from the Mass Bay Railroad Enthusiasts. They are organizing a “Steam in the Snow” event in North Conway, NH on January 3rd. The star would be their 0-6-0 #7470 which was built by the Grand Trunk Railroad in 1921. Lerro Productions will also be holding a night photo shoot on the 3rd and 4th of January. More information about this event is on their website.

Click on the picture for the still gallery:

Here is a small clip of the show.

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