November 20, 2008 | Comments Off on Trainz 2009 Pre-Order

I admit, I have a soft spot for the Trainz Series owning their many previous versions. After much debating i pre-ordered the download version of World Builder Edition for $29.99, which is due to come out end of November. The file size for the download version is 2.5 GB but they are promising us a new download server which will provide downloads at speeds up to 7.5Mb/s.

Some new features that caught my attention were a much needed and better search function to sort through the numerous content. I also liked the clearer details and the smaller texture brush to give us more control in painting the landscape. Though, i admit that some payware models already have a lot of details.

In the past, Auran always promised us the world but when the new version is released and the Trainz community scream about the bugs, they do a good job to listen and release a fix very soon. So, i decided to take the jump to support them and to be the first ones to get the new simulator.

If you want to pre-order which ends on November 25, you will get 20% discount on Trainz Engineers Edition plus 60% off Railroad Lines, Bus Driver or Ship Simulator.

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