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Now that the cold weather has started to come in, Model railroad shows have started to appear. Today, i went to the 17th Annual Brockton Train show.

The admission tickets were $4 but they were giving a $1 discount for giving them your email. Since it was not a national level show, there were very few layouts. The Cape Cod Model Railroad club was there with their huge HO layout. I liked their Ocean Spray and cranberry bog industry and the aggregate industry. Their boxcars were nicely weathered and they told me they use the chalk and dullcote spray method.

The surprise find was a small N scale layout by Ed Moran. He most the most sweet, enthusiastic, elderly model railroader i have ever come across. Visitors were referring to him as the “cereal box” modeler. He used cereal boxes and printed paper for his structures, girder bridges, road crossing. He created telegraph poles using toothpicks and even had scratch build a ball signal using cassette tape wheels.

Click on the picture for the still gallery:

He was giving great scenery tips to onlookers. Creating trees by twisting wires obtained at Home Depot, bushes using the poly foam at Christmas tree shops. He had used a lot of everyday objects for his modeling. If you wanted to know how he made something on the layout, he gladly told you, in detail and where he got the parts. At some shows, when i asked some questions, i only get 3 to 4 word responses. It was pity though that he did not have a website to showcase his layouts and tips.

Here is a small clip of the show, including Ed’s impromptu clinic.

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