December 6, 2011 | Comments Off on Train Conductor 2 on Android

My favorite train game, Train Conductor 2 by Voxel Agents for the iPod Touch has finally arrived in the Android world.

In this game, you play as the dispatcher and get to route the trains to their numbered tracks avoiding head-on collisions with other trains. The game does gets progressively harder as you advance, with an increased number of trains varying in length, speed and frequency.

The Android version is slightly bigger that the iOS version, featuring nine cities in the USA. You get to route trains through New York’s complex subway network, connect trains over the Grand Canyon and clear snow monsters from the treacherous Rocky Mountains

The gameplay is fun. The graphics and animations are cute. This will appeal to both train-addicts like us and the casual gamer. Train Conductor 2: USA is available now on the Android Market for $1.99. They also have a free lite version for you to try.

Until now, all good train games stayed over in the iOS world. The Android Market did not have any decent game (good gameplay and graphics) Hopefully, with Voxel Agent’s Train Conductor 2, the train games start to come over to Android.

Check out the video/gameplay below:

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