February 9, 2011 | Comments Off on Review: Clever Model’s Texture Collection

I had purchased Clever Model’s Texture Collections at the railroad show last week. As a cardstock scratch-builder, this disk offers me a large collection of various textures. These come in O, S, HO and N scales. As i use HO scale, this post will focus on the HO collection.

The textures are of a very high resolution. On the roof shingles you could see the shadow beneath each row of shingle. Any structure created with the rusted metal sheet would look stunning on your layout. I particularly liked their collection of windows and doors. Each door and window come with extra framing that you could cut out and layer up to create some depth.

To use them, we could either print it at home or go to your nearest Kinko’s. With this disk, you would have at your disposal an endless collection of textures for all your scratch-building needs.

There are 87 HO textures on this disk organized under the following categories. Each texture is in a PDF file. Click on each category to see what’s available on the disk:

Brick & stone
Building flats
Insulbrick & Fiberglass
Wood siding & wood

The Texture Collection is available for $29.95

I really wish if Clever Models could preview a small image of all their products on their website so we could know what we are getting. Reading that the disk contains “single brick storefront on a frame building with interior” means nothing to me if it does not have a picture. I know its some work trying to get all images from the PDF’s but there are tools out there that could do it quickly. I used a trial version of A-PDF to create the HO textures images. Hope Clever Models would use these to give us a preview of their products so we can better decide what we need.

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