September 29, 2008 | Comments Off on Macro Studio for your models

Strobist, gives detailed instructions on how to build a cheap Macro Studio. You may already have the cardboard box and tissue so it would basically be free!

My macro studio

Most of the pictures of my scratch build structures were taken in this light-box. Here are some of my observations while taking these pictures:

  1. Always use a tripod and use your camera’s timer to snap a picture. Sometimes by clicking the shutter, the camera might shake, so always use the timer.
  2. Use the Macro setting (flower icon) on your camera. Also check your manual as to how close you can go. Usually between 6 to 9 inches is close enough.
  3. Set your White Balance to “Tungsten”
  4. Most better cameras, allow you to set the aperture/f-stop setting. Use a bigger number to get most of the model in focus. My camera, does not give me that option so i have to keep the model parallel to the lens to keep all of it in focus.
  5. And, the most important tip is CLEAN your model. You will be surprised how dirty they look after you have taken the macro shot.

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