July 28, 2010 | Comments Off on 50% Railworks Expansion Pack Sale

Railworks (via Steam) is offering 50% off on its popular expansion packages.

1. The Isle of Wight at $14.99 (org $29.99)
2. The Rascal and Cottonwood at $11.99 (org $23.99)
3. The Colton and Northern at $11.99 (org $23.99)

You must have Railworks installed in order to use these packages.

Railworks on Steam always offer items on sale from time to time. Never get them for full price. Keep monitoring their site and eventually you will find a locomotive or a route pack at greatly reduced price.

Its a joy driving any train in Railworks with it’s good graphics and sound (direct and ambient). Creating a route in it is a pain with a very sharp learning curve. I love driving trains so keep looking for bargains on Steam. Splurging on its entire collection will cost you a pretty sum as Lexdysic on Reddit found out.

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