June 16, 2010 | Comments Off on Windows for your Railroad Model Structures

Siberian Wooden Houses is a desktop wallpaper site by vladstudio.

It has an amazing collection of pictures of wooden houses and windows from Irkutsk, center of East Siberia. With a little cropping help we could bring these great looking windows into our models.

We will need a image viewer or editor and a copy of Evan Design’s Model Builder. Model Builder scales our drawing plan to our preferred modeling scale so the whole process takes less time.

Here is how we will do it:
A full fledged graphic editor like Photoshop, Paint Shop or Gimp (free) will give you more control but since most windows in this site are aligned properly we can use a simple image viewer like FastStone Image Viewer.

Lets go and get our window from Siberian Wooden Houses.
Select the one you like, right click the image and Copy Image as shown below.

(Note: I am using Firefox so if you use Internet Explorer or other browsers, the menu option might be different)

Launch FastStone Image Viewer and under the Edit menu select Past Image.

Your copied image will appear in the preview window.
Right Click and select Edit -> Crop Board

Click above for a larger view

In this window you can select a rectangle around the window and then click on the Crop to Clipboard button on the bottom.

Click above for a larger view

Now launch your Model Builder and Edit-> Paste your image onto your building. These widows might be small so you will have to change the width and height property of the “pasted” window to match your building.

Click above for a larger view

Model Builder has many in-built windows but adding other different kinds of windows lets you create unique Model Builder structures. You could use this tip for any window image you find on the net but Siberian Wooden Houses gives us a great collection of old and weathered wooden windows.

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