January 7, 2010 | Comments Off on 2010 Railroad Calendars

Around this time every year, one sees many railroad related calendars at book stores and the malls. You might have also got a few as gifts from friends and co-workers. Nothing wrong with it, though after a while all the photos in these calendars begin to look the same, year after year.

This year, i tried looking for user-submitted calendars that one finds in sites like lulu or zazzle. Here is my list of 5 good 2010 calendars i found there: (in order of my preference)

Railroads after Dark by Tom Nanos

Tehachapi 2010 by Richard Chambers

Steam Railroads of North America by Christopher Muller

Steam Railroads of North America by Christopher Muller

For UK Steam lovers: Railway Calendar by Jim Parley

Please Note: I am not an associate at these sites and will not get any benefits (monetary or otherwise) should there be a sale of these calendars.

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