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Happy New Year and a BIG Thank You for visiting PassingLoop all through this year.

I had started this blog November 07 and did not know that i would keep going this long. I never intended to do this for ratings or read count. This was just my way of sharing information, tips and news from the world of real, model and virtual railways. I have enjoyed creating each post and thank you once again for reading and commenting on them.

As this year ends, i would like to share some of the Google Analytics and Feed statistics for this blog.

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BTW, If you happen to keep coming back to this site now and then, i recommend you to subscribe to the RSS feed. That way the posts will come to your RSS reader and you will not miss a single post.

Recap of some of the popular post of 2009
(based on page views and comments received)

Train Show: 2009 Springfield,MA Hobby Show report
Train Show: Miniatur Wonderland pictures
Train Show: Political Parties Infiltrate HO world

Scratchbuilding: HO Scale Bates House plans.
Scratchbilding: Fading Signs in Model builder
Scratchbuilding: HO Scale License plates

Trainz: Building a route
Trainz: Replacing assets

Railroads: PBS documentary on the Grand Central Station
Railroads: Railfanning at Bellows Falls, VT

Advertisement: Chanel N°5 Night Train with Audrey Tataou
Advertisements: Virgin Train Ads

Railroad Photography: Gallery of Steel
Railroad Photography: DPReview’s contest Railways in Color

Have a Great 2010 everyone!

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