July 28, 2008 | Comments Off on Scratchbuilding using CardStock: Part 3- Making Windows

I have been trying out different methods of making windows
and finally settled for this method. Its fast and the windows come looking decent.

I use Butyrate Sheet (0.010 thick) made by K&S engineering. I had got them from Micro-Mark but they are not available there anymore. I did find some at Internet Trains or you could look for it at you local hobby or craft store. Some also call it clear acetate sheet.

Frames and Muntins
For the window framing i used 1/16″ White Matt Graphic Tape and for the muntins i used 1/64″ tape. These i got from GrafstickTapeLabel. It not expensive as the 1/16″ was $1.50 and the 1/64 was $3. They also have a ebay listing.

Left: 1/16″ Right: 1/64″

Assembly Process
I used ModelBuilder to create and print out my HO scale windows that i used as a template. I used three windows at a time to speed up the assembly process.

1: Window template taped

2: Butyrate sheet placed/taped on the template.

3: Used the 1/16″ as the window framing/casing. Cutoff the excess/overlap using an xacto knife.

Using a template helps in keeping the lines straight.

3: Used the 1/64″ as the window muntins. Cutoff the excess/overlap using an xacto knife.

Don’t bother with trimming the excess window framing as they will be hidden.

4: Windows done and ready for cutting

5: Windows installed.

Dirty Windows
Since this will be a workshop, i wanted to weather the windows. This is a neat trick i learnt from the Easy Weathering DVD to dirty the windows. I used a file to ground a brown pastel chalk.

Ground brown pastel powder

Dab a dry paintbrush in it and apply to the back of the windows in an up-down stroke.

Dirty windows

Once you are done, spray the wall with a Krylon “Preserve-It” matt fixative spray. This will prevent the powdered chalk and the printer color from fading over time.
Note: Spraying it with Krylon, made the windows look frosty/unclear. Since this is to be a workshop structure, i was happy with the way it came out, however i would not do this if it was a residential structure.

Dirty and frosty windows after the Krylon application

You can use this method for any window opening. Check out actual windows manufacturers sites for sizing and print and re size the images to use as a template. Hope you will find the pictures and explanations easy to follow. Drop me a line if you have any questions regarding this method.

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