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Pictures are better than words but a video can explain everything much better. I had read articles and magazines on weathering techniques but never attempted one. Was a bit afraid of not knowing how much to put and thereby messing it up. So i decide to get the Easy Weathering Techniques DVD to see how it is properly done.

This DVD, a transfer from a VHS, runs for around 60 minutes and costs $24.50 It shows the various standard weathering techniques that modellers use. Dave and Bob take a squeaky clean rolling stock and then weather them using Pastel and Dry powder, Stains and Washes. They show Dry brushing techniques, Commercial weathering products and how to use them.

The clips of each technique are close-ups and they go slowly with the brushes so that we can see how its done. They also show a prototypical photo of a weathered boxcar and show how to get the same effect using all of these techniques.

NOTE: Check out real railroad pictures. Hidden Images has great closeup photos of locomotives and rolling stock that you can study for real-life weathering.

The last 20 minutes of the DVD is devoted to airbrushing. They weather a freight, oil tank, passenger, steam engine and flextrak using this method. I don’t have an airbrush but Dave mentioned in the video, that you can achieve the same results using the earlier methods.

They showed all products they used. They explained the steps in detail and recapped it at the end. Watching them apply the pastel powders and seeing them dry brush, my apprehensions were laid to rest and i might try their technique on some of one of my boxcars.

The DVD mentioned about a Quick Reference card listing the tools and materials used, mixing formulas, and suppliers that was included. Mine did not contain any cards but you can download them off Dave’s site.

I really learnt a lot from this DVD and is a great addition to your model railroad library.

For more details, check out the sample clip via Micro-mark.

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