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The HUB Division’s Annual HUB Train Expo took place this weekend in Marlborough, MA. I have been attending train show in the area for the last three years and the layouts do get repetitive. But, i was happy this time that some of the railroads had introduced new modules and locomotives in their layout.

Because of my weakness for European models, i started with the Marklin layout of the European Train Enthusiasts. They did not have new modules but rolling stock was different from the last time i had seen their layout. MaiNe trak and HUB division both had introduced some new modules which was interesting to study.

If there was a prize, then i would have given it to the On30 layout done by Narragansett Bay Railroad. Most layouts have hills and valleys, trees and industry but this one was based on the Narragansett Bay and thus had a few buildings amid sand dunes, reeds, marshes and grass. The few trees that were there were exceptionally detailed. Also, they did have an impressive fleet of steam locomotives. I spent a lot of time at their layout taking pictures. One of their modelers also used Evan Design’s Modelbuilder software to create temporary structures, till they built the final one out of wood. Another important feature that i liked was the layout was higher than usual and that made it much better to see all the details.

Among the vendors, i did stop by Scotty Mason, Dave Frary, Minuteman Scale Models and a dealer for the Northeastern Scale Lumber. I have been thinking of trying to make a simple structure out of wood and was looking at the various HO options available for wood. Its seems to be more work, ie, cutting, painting but the results are much better than a cardstock structure.

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