November 9, 2009 | Comments Off on Free Chinese Content for Trainz

I don’t know how i missed this one. Ocemy has created some exceptional content for Trainz. The screenshots says it all. Even if you are not into a Chinese layout/content, give these a try. I loved the details of the ND5 and the DF11 diesel locos. The chef leaning out of the dining car adds a touch to a Trainz model not seen before. Even though the site is in Chinese, installing the content is very easy. At the end of each content page are listed all the files and dependencies for download.

These content work with Trainz version 2006 and above. I have Trainz 2009 and it worked well with it. So now i’m off to download more rolling stock, plop the Great Wall on an existing route and pretend i hauling goods and passengers through mainland China.

Note: Since the content is not hosted on Auran’s site, the downloads are fast but please if you like the content, do a backup of the files you download, as i have noticed that sometimes these external sites don’t stay up for long.

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