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Here in the North East, as the trees change color and winter approaches, the various trains shows begin to come to town. Attending train shows is a great motivation tool to make one start or complete a layout. The Craftsman and the Springfield shows are particularly interesting.

I love to take photos at train shows. I use a Canon 570IS and it gives me satisfactory results. Here are simple ways to take better pictures at the show:
# Use the camera’s Macro mode (the tulip/flower icon) to get up close.
# Do not use flash. It drowns the scene with bright light.
# Since we cannot use a tripod and clicking on the shutter might shake your camera, try getting sharper pictures by using the camera’s timer. Pull your arms closer and hold your breath just before it takes the picture. Or, you could try making a real cheap tripod.

I am not very successful at taking video. The lighting is poor and not being able to use a tripod makes it challenging. Some of my train show videos from last year

So what do you love to do at a Train Show?

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