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My visit to the Hartford NMRA show last Saturday was to meet in person the people and business i have dealt with since this blog was created. Sure, there were layouts on display but i had seen most of them as they rotated over the various area train shows.

I met Chris Cordes from the Trainz on the Road team. This was the first time i met a fellow Trainzer. We talked Trainz, exchanged likes and dislikes of the Trainz series. Al Barton had also come but we seemed to have missed each other. Trainz World Builder is a great and stable release. Most of the problems of the earlier releases have been fixed.

I finally got a chance to meet Ryan from the Model Railcast show. He was there with his podcast team-mates, Ted and Craig. (Thanks Ryan for the MRCS tshirt!) They have a great and informative railroad podcast (iTunes link).

Joe Fugate from Model-Trains-Video and Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine was there too. If you haven’t read it yet, try out his free PDF railroad magazine. Issue No.3 has been released.

Dave from Model Builder had also come. He showed some of the structures he had made and mentioned that they are working on the version 2 of Model builder.

I felt a little strange getting a picture taken and an autograph from Matt Brown of Extreme Trains. And yes, I did ask him if he was this hyper in real life as in the DVD. He seemed to give the impression that almost everyone has asked him that. I had purchased the Extreme Trains DVD last week and will be posting a review soon.

Click on the picture for the Hartford show gallery:


  1. Eric Dervinis
    July 13, 2009 — 6:44 pm

    Did you see Scotty Mason at his booth? Do you listen to his podcast? Thanks for the photos.

  2. Don
    July 13, 2009 — 8:06 pm

    i used to listen to his podcast. the 3+ hours was a tad too much.

  3. Miles Hale
    July 13, 2009 — 9:07 pm

    Best was the clinic on radio control of a battery powered HO loco with 3 hours per charge. No shorts and no dropped power. The future is close!


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