June 15, 2009 | Comments Off on Railfanning at Bellows Falls, VT

Last Thursday, i was able to spend more than 2 hours at Bellows Falls, VT watching and taking pictures of the trains. I wanted to ride the Green Mountain Railroad but at this time of the year, they were running only on specific dates. However, I was able to see some shunting by a GP38-2 locomotive and managed to catch the 11:56am Vermonter heading towards New York.

The Bellows Falls station was a delight. It had railroad history books, maps and photos of its glory days. It also had an authentic early 20th century urinal stall that i forgot to take a picture of but did find one on the web. Apart from the tourist excursion and the daily Amtrak, the station also sees its share of freight operations.

Click below for more pictures of Bellows Falls, VT:

Note: I have taken more pictures of the freight cars with rust and weathering details which i will post at a later date.

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