March 31, 2009 | Comments Off on OpenBVE trainsim now available

openBVE which was being developed as a replacement for mackoy’s BVE Trainsim was released (version 1.0) this weekend.

Though the BVE graphics looked dated, (when compared to Trainz or Rail Simulator) I always liked BVE because of the wholesome experience you get when driving a train in this simulator. openBVE betters the BVE experience and features, by providing the option of external camera tracking views. It has animated objects include the headlights, pantograph and doors. Since its Open Source, openBVE is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. In the windows environment it takes advantage of OpenGL.

If you are a BVE fan or want to try out a great simulation, head over to the downloads page. The downloads requires external components so please read the installation guide. I had missed the copying the DLL’s part.

NOTE: The downloads page and the installation guide links seem to be down for now.

The routes and trains are not included in the install but you could download the routes and beta version of the trains from Railsim Routes UK.

Class 323 from railsimroutes that is still being developed but you could see the new animated car features.

This following clip shows an openBVE route under development. Though some features may not be included in the final version, the potential is there.

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