March 2, 2009 | Comments Off on Rail-a-Rama Train Show

The Rail-a-Rama organized by the Mystic Valley Railway Society was held in Mansfield, Ma yesterday. Even though it was snowing lightly, a steady stream of people were coming in.

The show layout was badly arranged. After you paid the $5 entrance fee, you went to an area which had the vendors and a couple of layouts. After i exited the place, i found there were more layouts and vendors in the corridors “outside” the paid area.

The usual model store and second hand vendors were there. Bakatronics were selling optical fibers, LED’s and electronic modules that allowed LED’s to simulate campfire, Emergency vehicle flashing, arc welding and others that you will find plenty of use for.

There were only 2 HO layouts and a few Lionel ones. If there was a prize, the layout by the Southeastern mass Train Enthusiast ans Modular Modelers (STEAMM) would win hands down. Scenery and structures were sparse but very highly detailed. For trees they had used natural dried weeds on which they sprinkled scenic flock and powder. The effect was great. For pictures of this and others click below for the show gallery:

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